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7 February 2018

Our full book reviews gathered under this column's tag are reserved for titles we found particularly inspiring. But there are a number of releases that we read for review that are worthy of recognition if not a full review. Our short reviews of recent releases attempts to retrieve them from oblivion. Because, you know, we think you might enjoy them.

Why Photographers Prefer Cloudy Days
by Haje Jan Kamps

WHAT SMARTPHONES ARE to dSLRS this title is to those other compendiums of advice to photographers. It's not too technical, fun to peruse and delivers the goods. There are 62 "ideas for creative photography" in this 144-page book organized into five parts. Each one is spread over two pages, text on the left, images on the right. Click the link for a preview.

The Photography Exercise Book
by Bert Krages

IN 200 PAGES WITH 250 IMAGES, Portland attorney Bert Krages hopes to develop your cognitive skills as a photography. These exercises, that is, develop mind muscles. Which enables, by the end of the book, an ability to articulate "a personal ethic." Because photographs are powerful things that "can record things that would best be forgotten, cause people pain and be the means of unscrupulous exploitation" or be "repositories of cherished memories, give people cause for hope and be a way of changing human conduct for the better."

Complete Photography
by Chris Gatcum

IT'S ALWAYS BEEN a great time to be a photographer, Gatcum enthuses right at the start. And we can't disagree. When hasn't this been fun? To add to the mirth, how about a compendium of advice with master classes from a variety of pros on every subject related to photography. For example, the 24-page discussion of Composition is followed by a four-page master class on the architectural photography of Janie Airey which includes five of her top tips. What a dSLR is to a smartphone, this tome is to those cute little books full of tips.

NB: Titles are affiliate links which provide you with a discount and us with a small referral fee. None of the titles come from the affiliates, however, but are either proposed by publicists or sought out by staff for review.

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