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13 February 2018

Adobe has announced updates to the Lightroom CC ecosystem including Lightroom Classic CC featuring "significant performance enhancements and customer-requested features that optimize photographers' workflows." At the same time a Photoshop update

Highlights in the release include:


  • Improved stability for all Lightroom CC apps
  • Lightroom CC for Desktop now allows users to add copyright to imported images

Lightroom CC for Android features:

  • A new Geometry tab corrects perspective distortion (also coming soon to iOS)
  • The ability to search your Lightroom library with Google Assistant
  • The ability to add photos from your favorite apps, making it easier than ever to get all of your photos into Lightroom

Josh Haftel expounded on the expanded search capability in a blog post:

Our Adobe Sensei-based search algorithms are now accessible from your phone's home screen. Open the Google Assistant and, for example, say, "Search mountains in Lightroom" to launch Lightroom and find matching photos. This feature requires an Internet connection and Android Marshmallow or later.


  • Optimized CPU and memory usage so performance will scale better across multiple cores on computers with at least 12-GB of RAM
  • Improved speed in multiple areas, including import grid loading, import and preview generation, export and more
  • Instantly create collections from folders, making it easy to sync with Lightroom CC for mobile

The speed improvements were explained in a blog post by Priya Alexander:

There was a concern based on early reports of Lightroom 7.2 improvements that we're only focused on new and expensive high-end hardware. In reality, these enhancements impact a wide range of hardware, Mac and Win, old and new. One key attribute of the enhancements is that they scale appropriately with a customer's investment in hardware. A common complaint in the past was that a large investment in a new system did not provide equivalent improvements in Lightroom performance. Lightroom 7.2 is an important step forward in addressing that issue, particularly for computers with at least 12-GB of memory. While we're very pleased with the performance improvements in 7.2, we have lots more planned and you'll see ongoing performance improvements in future releases.


  • Addresses several "high priority issues discovered since the last release"
  • Camera Raw 10.2 CC adds support for new cameras


For more information see the Lightroom CC Ecosystem blog post and the Lightroom Classic blog post.

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