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23 March 2018

When Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016, it was honored with a new mural along its 200-foot retaining wall. That, however, was only stage one of a three stage process undertaken by the Precita Eyes Muralists.

Directed by Precita Eyes in collaboration with Laguna Honda Hospital patients and staff, the mural celebrates San Francisco's vanishing if not vanished natural world. That world has been making a comeback recently with a growing population of coyotes (not depicted).

Now two-thirds complete, the mural, which can't be seen from the hospital, provides a pleasant sight for Muni patrons waiting to transer from the light rail system to the 36 Teresita, 43 Masonic, 44 O'Shawghnessy and 52 Excelsior across the street at Forest Hill station).

Recently we found ourselves waiting for a bus to the Marina alongside the mural. We'd just missed it, so we had a 20 minute wait. And a camera in our shoulder bag. So we thought we'd take a few shots to share.

Being that close, though, we couldn't get an overview of the long piece, so we decided to dive in and take close-ups of the mini-scenes of another era.

It was a bright sunny morning, the sunlight strafing the surface of the wall to highlight the rough surface and brush strokes, adding a little visual interest to the composition.

The mural is not far from a stretch of undeveloped land running through the city that remains largely the same as it was in prehistoric times. That strip runs from Glen Canyon Park up Twin Peaks and down the other side to Laguna Honda Reservoir.

And now the area has some of its original inhabitants back to keep an eye on things.


Hi Mike, as I have said before, I always enjoy the places you take us to. Just for giggles, here is an alternative Forest Hill Station. This is the one I grew up near.

-- James Thomas Kelley

Ah, yours doesn't make you descend down to the middle of the earth to catch a streetcar. Much preferred. -- Mike

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