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1 April 2018

So if we understand the ground rules, the best way to enjoy today's triple threat is to spend the morning celebrating Easter with an egg hunt or prosecco-sodden brunch, the afternoon still at the table celebrating Passover by telling a few stories and the evening doing something silly to amaze your foolish friends.

Easter Lily. Olympus E-PL1 with Lensbaby Twist 60 at 1/1600 second, f2.8 and ISO 200. Raw file processed in Adobe Camera Raw 10.2.

Alternately, you could charge your camera battery and hunt down some inspiring scene to propel you through the rest of the year. Or at least the baseball season.

Our inspiring scene around here is the concrete cross on the top of Mount Davidson, which we were able to see last year. But this year the fog covered the hilltop so densely we couldn't even detect a glow from the floodlights.

Too bad because we scout locations all year long for that one night. "This will be great!" we tell ourselves when we find a good angle from a street miles away.

Funny how it never occurs to us that the fog will roll in again. We never get discouraged, somehow. We believe we'll get the shot from that angle this year.

Even though in all these years, we've only gotten the chance once.

Jimmy Carter might call that Faith. But, as you certainly know, it's just the modus operandi of any photographer.

The way we roll, in short.

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