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18 July 2018

Sometimes we wonder whatever happened to all the seafood restaurants in this coastal city? And why is so much frozen seafood at the market upwards of $30 a pound? What soggy, salty cartel is behind this criminal activity?

Catch of the Day. Nikon D200 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 36mm and f8, 1/13 second and ISO 400..

Being priced out of the seafood market, we've considered having our fish on the wall instead of a plate. It's cheaper as art.

Actually, we found these two on the wall of a local fish joint we'd been meaning to try for a while now. Just as we were about to leave, we noticed these creations on the wall behind us. We took the camera out of its bag, spun around and hoisted it upwards to grab the shot.

You know, as if we were a sports photographer and the fish were flying. We weren't sure we got a shot we wanted until we pulled it up on our monitor.

The color won us over.

Yes, the orange. Take a look at a more natural deep-sea blue rendering and a more neutral black-and-white rendering to see how much more interesting the orange one is:

Oh, the restaurant? The food was elegant and well prepared but the room we were seated in was a little too American fast foodish. Noisy, dirty, chaotic. High-end strollers beached at the tables, Cheerios crushed on the floor. Tables left unwiped.

There is outdoor dining, a bar where food is served and a main dining room, though, where the experience might have been pleasant. All of the, though, would have been just as noisy.

But you can't tell from that mouth-watering wall art, can you?

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