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4 August 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at the angry children at Trump rallies, photographing wildfires, exposure management, food truck lighting, AI in the newsroom, selfies with Dick Cavett and the problem with programming.

  • New York Times staff photographer Damon Winter reflects on photographing The Children at the Trump Rallies. In the short piece accompanied by just six images, Winter talks about the candidate's rallies and, 19 months later, the president's where wall building had been replaced by a "zero tolerance" immigration policy the courts have since quashed. Both rallies have been characterized by an anger that, drummed up from the stage, was echoed in the parent and unleashed in the child, Winter says.
  • In Shooting in Hell: What It's Like to Photograph Wildfires, Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan talks about what makes a powerful fire picture, staying safe while covering firestorms and when it's time to put down the camera to help people in need.
  • In a7III Exposure Management Example, Jim Kasson reveals his exposure strategy for taking those darkroom sink photos he just published. Underexpose three stops on the camera and boost the Exposure three stops in Lightroom. He explains just how they aren't equivalent.
  • In Food Trucks! Mac'D-N-Loaded! Joe McNally takes a different approach to lighting a food truck. "With the other trucks, I was dealing with shiny interiors and in another instance, working at night, creating highlights with Speedlights spotted down or controlled with grids," he explains. "In this instance, though, it was broad daylight, late afternoon and I had to cover these three wonderful faces."
  • Stop the presses. Getty Images Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Newsrooms Choose Better Photos, Marty Swant reports. "When someone enters in the URL for a story or copies and pastes in the text, Panels will analyze the words before suggesting people, places and things that appear in the story after weighing different options based on frequency and relevance," he writes.
  • Alex Williams visited Dick Cavett in the Digital Age and it of course pertains, concluding with a story about selfies. But needs no excuse to recommend it.
  • In The Problem With Programming and How to Fix It, Jonathan Edwards writes, "It is long past time to return to designing tools not just for rock stars at Google but the vast majority of programmers and laypeople with simple small-scale problems," he writes. Indeed. That's why we publish stories about using ExifTool or Keyboard Maestro to automate common image editing tasks. They're useful.

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