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20 August 2018

It seems a shame to interrupt summer (with its sunlight diffused by the fog every single day) to return to school, but the crops are in, kids, and we are as a nation in danger of falling behind the Nairobi Trio in music appreciation if not math.

First Day of School. Nikon D200 at f8, 1/100 second and ISO 200 with a 27mm focal length.

It's only the public school kids who have been reeled in today. The parochial school kids get the hook later this week. This helps us adults tell them apart.

We confess that we really looked forward to the first day of a new school year when we were still eligible. You can't overestimate the value of a fresh start. No homework for the dog to eat yet, no upcoming test to simulate a fever over. You had as good a chance as anyone on the first day of school.

Besides, what kid doesn't get excited about learning? It's the coolest thing ever (unless it has to do with macaroni and Cub Scouts).

And, if you play your cards right, you can even spend the rest of your life learning new things every day.

So we couldn't help wandering down to the local public school this afternoon and, struck by the fresh paint job, snapping a photo.

What we like about this scene isn't just the big windows of the high-ceilinged auditorium or the two trees of knowledge bordering them. What we really like is that there are no visible doors into the place.

Very comforting, that.

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