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6 October 2018

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at hot air balloons, hip-hop photos, Mary Beard, the Nikon Z 7 and a Banksy prank.

  • In Hot Air Balloon in Vineyard, Derrick Story just happened to see a couple balloons launching as he drove by. He jumped out of the car with his Olympus PEN-F and caught the shot using the camera's built-in focal length doubler.
  • In 40 Years of Hip-Hop Photos, Fayemi Shakur reviews Contact High: The Visual History of Hip-Hop by Vikki Toba. "The book spans 40 years with nearly 200 images from more than 50 photographers, highlighting the evolution of hip-hop photography from analog to digital and includes personal stories by pioneers like Joe Conzo Jr., Jamel Shabazz, Martha Cooper and Ernie Paniccioli, along with the latest generation, Cam Kirk and Jorge Peniche," she writes.
  • In The Way We Look Now, According to Mary Beard, Lovia Gyarkye interviews the professor of classics at Cambridge University. About the image of Kylie Jenner holding her baby that scored 13 million likes on Instagram, Beard says, "Isn't that just amazing? She could be the Virgin Mary, couldn't she?" before concluding, "Maybe we need a fantasy of what it's like to be a mother. Because otherwise, I just want to kick her."
  • Jim Kasson got his Nikon Z 7 and begins a series of articles about it, staring with sensitivity (or "engineering dynamic range," as he calls it). And he has already posted three other articles in the series.
  • Banksy Artwork Shreds Itself After £1m Sale at Sotheby's as the artist posts on Instagram, "Going, going, gone..." Girl With Balloon, originally painted on a wall, was voted Britain's favorite artwork in 2017. The auction piece was spray painted on canvas and framed in a shredder that was activated by remote control when the piece sold. Something to think about.

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