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8 November 2018

Itzastand is an ingenious solution to a problem everyone who loves photos suffers in silence. How to prop them up so you can look at them. Around here a few are framed, more are on little plastic easels but most are just leaning on something (until someone walks by and they fly to the floor).

But with an Itzastand, you can apply an inexpensive adhesive stand to the back of your photo (or card or anything else you want to prop up) and be done with it.


To use one, you simply remove the liner printed with instructions, fold the triangular paper in half and then fold back the panels that attach to your print about a quarter inch from the bottom. Bingo.

And you can reuse the paper stand because the adhesive isn't permanent.

You may have only a few dozen prints leaning against something in the house but one bright idea we culled from the press release below was to give them away with your holiday cards -- particularly if they're photo cards.


There are three purchasing options:

For more information visit Itzastand.

Itzastand: A Removable, Reusable Stand for Your Photos!

We all get a slew of holiday cards this time of year. Traditional cards from your favorite aunt, save the date cards for that yearly neighborhood party, holiday get togethers and so on. You can quickly glance at them and throw them in a big pile or you can treasure the special ones all year long courtesy of Itzastand. Eager to see for yourself? Happy to send a sample!

Itzastand is a paper stand that attaches to the back of pictures, invites, holiday cards, announcements, memorabilia and practically any small flat object. It gives your important things the attention they deserve by making them literally stand up! Instead of being thrown in a bag or a big pile on the counter, never to be seen again, you can prominently display your little treasures so they get noticed.

Send Itzastand with all your holiday photo cards and make sure your friends and family can fully enjoy the holiday pics of the kiddos! Or give them out as affordable stocking stuffers and, while you're at it, buy a bunch for yourself and actually get to see all your noteworthy mementos.

Once the holidays are over or you don't want to display something any longer, just remove the stand and affix it to something else. Itzastandis removable AND reusable!

Why Itzastand:

  • Affordably Priced -- get a five pack for under $5 or buy 40 and get them all for just $19.99!
  • Easy to Apply -- Simply remove the printed liner for lightning-fast application to virtually any surface.
  • Strong and Stable -- Itzastand is a sturdy support for everything from your favorite photo to your smartphone.
  • Reusable -- Display a photo, carefully peel off Itzastand and place it on another object. One stand goes a long way!

For more information visit

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