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3 December 2018

Adobe released its Visual Trend Forecast today. The company predicted, "We'll be surrounded by images that capture passionate, beautiful, contentious, messy cultural conversations about values, how we express our individuality and experiences and how we find refuge in tumultuous times."

The Adobe Stock team researched fashion runways, art galleries, the business world, pop culture, and social media to come up with a few trends, summarized in the following list:

  • Natural Instinct. Consumers want to connect with the physical world, seeking natural ingredients in products and tuning into how products are sourced and how brands communicate. Designers are focusing on aspirational images with natural elements and celebrations of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.
  • Creative Democracy. Each day, 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and people watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook. And tools and communities are emerging to embrace this new creative impulse.
  • Disruptive Expression. Social feeds are full of marching protesters and impromptu political speeches. Brands are tapping into the energy, borrowing the visual language of protest for shop windows and clothing lines. In the visual context, disruptive expression means embracing a wide range of identities, celebrating fearless individuality, and forgoing the light touch in favor of power and intensity.
  • Brand Stand. Consumers want more from brands than just products. They want to see companies take stand on social issues and commit to transparency.

For more information see the Adobe blog post.

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