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10 December 2018

As the list of links on the left side of this column hints, December 10 is a special day around here. We do celebrate special days. And, for that matter, nights.

The Menorah. Only the shamash remained burning to light the room last night.

The first reason it's special is that Joyce and I are celebrating our 43rd anniversary (as we told the 30-year-old daughter of our friends last night, who gasped at the thought she had missed the first 13 years).

And the second reason is that this happens to be, by coincidence, the sixth anniversary of the launch of Photo Corners.

The two anniversaries are as different as night and day, frankly.

The first was the result of one good thing happening after another.

The second, in contrast, was our attempt to turn a bad situation into something positive. Six years later, we think we can say we've done that.

That transformation began with our prompt, unbiased and accurate news coverage of the industry. With our efficient, home-grown content management system, we've detailed every hardware introduction while also reporting on what we consider the most significant contribution of the digital era to the photographic art: image editing software.

That led us, inevitably, to show how that software can work miracles on an image. Which led to publishing our own images, something we had no intention of doing six years ago.

And that, in turn, led us to mine our own fondest memories, our own fondest images, revealing our personal life to an extent that was never in the plans either.

But we're glad we have.

We hope you're just as happy about it, but it's been important to us to have mentioned the people we have loved, the events that have mattered, the memories that we cherish. They matter to this particular human being. And consequently show what sort of thing matters and should matter to human beings.

Like this 43-year relationship.

Six years ago when we didn't know how this would work out, we were encouraged by a radio broadcast of Susie Arioli singing When You Wish Upon a Star as we sat in the living room looking at the crescent moon. We like to celebrate that special moment every year by finding another Arioli tune to share and this year it's her rendition of Night and Day.

"To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man," Shakespeare wrote.

If you are true to yourself, how can you go wrong? You can't. Night or day.

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