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12 December 2018

One thing leads to another. The other day as a storm was coming in from the Pacific, we thought we'd beat the rain by walking briskly over to the Post Office to pay a bill.

Bird Bath. Olympus E-PL1 with Lensbaby Twist 60 at f8, 1/8 second and ISO 1600, processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

But once we'd dropped the envelope in the slot we thought better of rushing back to the bunker. We had escaped, after all. Surely there was some adventure awaiting us.

We had a little Micro Four Thirds camera with us. And it had that Twist 60 lens whose color we like so much, thanks to an adapter that mated the Nikon F mount to the Micro Four Thirds body.

Why not wander around a bit?

Well, the in-coming storm, for one thing. But we had two defenses. A water-repellent hooded jacket and a transit card. We might get sprinkled but not doused.

So we walked down to Noe Valley to see what was new on the theory it might be a stop on the Christmas shopping tour. Not so much, we discovered, with the more interesting shops like toy stores, bike shops, the stained glass gallery and a few other being replaced by offices and boutiques. Ugh.

We thought we could find a couple of 19th century homes on Dolores which we'd recently read about but we turned the wrong way and missed them by a block.

Still we took the camera out now and then to capture a shot or two.

We ran across this delightful bird bath with its lemon bowl and Space Gray pedestal in a little strip of greenery near San Jose Ave. It almost seemed as if the yellow flowers had drifted into the bowl, painting it brightly.

We had to poke the Twist 60's nose through the fence to get a clear shot but that's not too much to ask.

It was an easy edit too. Straighten it out, crop it evenly on the sides, Clarity up as usual, mind the Shadows, add a little vignette (you can't even tell), done.

We knew when we took it what it would take to bring the image home.

We kept walking into Glen Park and then up O'Shaughnessy where we saw lots of stuff thrown out of cars. Robberies, no doubt. Even a cash register drawer.

An eight mile hike by the time we were done. Six images. But what riches. More than you might ever find in a cash register drawer.

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