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31 December 2018

You'd think we'd learn by now not to put too much faith in a new year. But we steadfastly refuse to buckle under to experience, instead burning that old log of hope with flames of faith to warm the midnight chill away. And as we do, we wish you the best in the year to come.

We've brought back Judy's Band again to accompany this year's performance of Auld Lange Syne. We've shot the band with a variety of techniques over the years (you could call it a study in bokeh if it weren't a holiday).

This year we used the Nikon D300 with an ancient Vivitar Series I 70-210mm zoom (at f11) in macro mode. And we lit them with the Flexi LED Macro Flash we reviewed earlier this year.

Our rendition of the Robert Burns poem (which we translated into modern English previously) this year is by the American tenor Evan Williams.

He recorded nearly 100 78s for Victor before he left us in 1918. His gravestone reads in part:

A world that laughs and loves and sings has enshrined the memory of this gentle soul whose song restored and brightened the deep places.

Ah, that's the ticket for these dark days. A world that laughs and loves and sings. And a little Evan Williams to get us started.

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