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1 January 2019

Once again, the New Year brings its own rituals here. The first of which was to sneak away from the 130th Rose Parade to scribble, "It's 2019!" on a Post-it note we immediately stuck to a spot right in front of our nose.

We acquired this annual ritual at the weekly newsmagazine where we worked for 30 years. The publisher would put up a similar little note to remind everyone which year it was. Wisely, he put it up on the clock in the production area. He knew everyone looked at that clock several times an hour.

There's no avoiding the years at a magazine. Almost every page that isn't an ad has the date somewhere, starting with the cover.

And the boss's little reminder -- always with an exclamation point -- placed right where we'd all see it every few minutes, saved all of us more than a few times from living in the past.

The past may never be really past but it has one advantage over the future. It was demonstrably survivable.

But we can't end on such a pessimistic note. So here's a little cheer for the new year:

Oh, and if you set a copyright notice in your camera, take a moment before you start shooting to enter the new year. As it says on this Post-it note here, "It's 2019!"

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