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9 January 2019

In a blog post today, Adobe announced it is now accepting applications for its Creative Residency program. The program provides a handful of creatives (like photographers) a year-long apprenticeship at Adobe to work on a project, sharing the process with the creative community as it proceeds.

As the post by Julia Tian explains:

Each Resident is supported with a full salary, health benefits, mentorship, access to Adobe software, speaking opportunities and other project-specific support to make their vision a reality. The ideal candidate is skilled in their field, in the beginning stages of their creative career, is passionate about building their community and has the desire to make the Creative Residency their professional focus for one year.

This year Adobe is especially (but not exclusively) looking for people with a strong interest in:

  • Photography
  • Short-form online video
  • Illustration: Digital drawing and painting
  • Design (digital and print)
  • UI/UX

Applications can be submitted online until Feb. 7. For more information visit the FAQ page.

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