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14 January 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Oded Wagenstein, Andrew Mangum, lighting a cockpit, Lightroom's Solo mode, DJI OSMO Pocket camera plus Ming Thein's picture controls and profiles.

  • In Life After Nomadism: The Elderly Reindeer Herders of Siberia, Rosie Flanagan follows Israeli photographer Oded Wagenstein to a small village in northern Siberia to document a group of elderly women who settled there after long lives spent as nomadic reindeer herders. "They spend most of their days in seclusion, isolated from the world they loved and their community," he says.
  • In Facing the Complex Truths of Addiction & Recovery, Miss Rosen profiles the portraits of recovering addicts by Andrew Mangum. "When you are looking at addiction you're really seeing two people: the person behind the addiction and the addiction itself," he says. "It was important for me to see the person behind the addiction because that's who's suffering and a lot of times they're unable to stop it."
  • In A Flash in the Sky! Actually, Three of Them, Joe McNally describes how he got his night shot of Las Vegas in the cockpit of a helicopter
  • In Working With Panels: Solo Mode, Julieanne Kost explains how Control- or right-clicking a Lightroom panel header to select Solo Mode expands that panel while automatically collapsing any others. Very helpful on small displays.
  • Derrick Story's DJI OSMO Pocket Review puts the petite, three-axis gimble, 4K movie camera that "fits nicely in a top shirt pocket" to the test covering CES.
  • Ming Thein share his Nikon Z 7 and D850 JPEG Picture Controls and ACR Profiles for $60.

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