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17 January 2019

It's been a while since we've had winds as strong as those that blew through the neighborhood last night. And with the rain soaking the soil, it was inevitable that some trees would come down.

High Winds. A toppled chair in the garden.

When we saw a hook and ladder from the Fire Dept. roll down our one-way street the wrong way, we jumped up to see what was going on.

A pumper was already on the scene, the fire fighters clearing a roadway up Edgehill Mountain of a tree that had been uprooted.

Fire Truck. On the scene to clear the road of a felled tree.

We listened to the chain saw cutting the felled trees limbs off for quite a while.

In the morning, we inspected our own place.

We took a big hit with a long fence coming down but had to laugh a bit when we saw our old wooden chair flipped over on the brick path. It was probably ducking for cover under the lemon tree.

When we picked it up, it fell apart in pieces.

We piled them up to let them dry out a bit before recycling them tonight. The fence will take a lot more work.

Inconveniences, really. When you think what people have had to suffer in Puerto Rico and Texas and Florida, it hardly qualities as damage.

Two earthquakes on the Hayward fault over the last two mornings, however, remind us that there is no immunity from disaster. The only comfort is in knowing we are, as a species, smart enough to come to each other's aid.

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