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23 January 2019

So there we were once again killing time on the sidewalk. We were waiting for the last member of the party to leave the house so we could attend to a few errands.

And what should we see but this fellow staring back at us from the beyond.

We slipped the iPhone 6 Plus out of our jacket and, posing in a prayerful position, we took the shot without thinking about it. And just as quickly dropped the phone back in our jacket pocket.

Without any further effort, we forgot about it.

Until today when, reviewing recent images, we ran across it again and thought we ought to post it as an example.

An example of what we haven't quite worked out. Hence the reflective moment referenced above.

But there are possibilities:

How to break into a house without touching anything. How to frame yourself. What to do when a fig leaf isn't enough. The grid system.

Despite the many lessons it teaches, we remain very reluctant to publish it because it reveals our urban disguise. We're now in danger of being hailed on the street, followed on Instagram, waiting for restaurant checks that never come as bottle after bottle of wine arrives. That sort of thing.

But we decided to go ahead with it because, well, it's a slow news day (although we're working on seven stories, two of which are reviews) and we wanted to keep you entertained until tomorrow.

There's always tomorrow, as someone once said after a similar disaster.

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