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1 February 2019

We had to double check but it's true, we've just archived the first number of Volume 8 of Photo Corners. It seems like on three volumes. Anyway, you'll find the latest on the Archive page, packed with 16 Features, 18 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 160 items of interest), three reviews and one site note for a total of 64 stories.

Two thirds of that was news in one form or another as we also published 132 photographs in January. Enough to sink your teeth into.

READERSHIP numbers did not suffer from any blackouts during the monthly reporting period for the first time in months. When we enquired about the problem last month, Sonic reported it had already resolved the issue.

Frankly, we don't peek at our numbers more than a handful of times each month. There's too much else that matters to do.

And when we check them for this report, they are never complete for the month. The Webalizer report for the complete month doesn't run until the end of the first day of the new month. By then, it's old news.

Suffice to say that this month's number not only greatly surpassed the previous two (in which we suffered the reporting blackouts) but also the three previous to that. Which was something of a surprise.

We didn't publish as much in January as other months, either. Which tells us more people are discovering Photo Corners.

OUR TOP STORIES were a surprise with two Horns leading the pack. That's very gratifying, actually, because we like to think of the Horn as our front page, featuring the days news and columnists (so to speak).

Some days a Horn is all we publish, in fact. But it's plenty. There were 160 items curated in January's Horns. If you read them all, you got quite an education. (We know because we read them all.)

Our book review of August Sander came in third followed by our First Sunset Of A New Year, which really was stunning.

And rounding out the top five was our feature It's 2019! The colorized Shirley Temple video might have had something to do with that, though.

"Be optimistic," she sang. We suppose anyone who peers into a viewfinder is, in fact, just that.

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