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5 February 2019

A series of downpours blew in off the Pacific every few minutes or so yesterday as if they were following a bus schedule. Sometimes there was sunshine between them, sometimes not. The wind blew ferociously.

Angry Sky. Shot at f5.6, 1/1,000 second and ISO 200, converted to black-and-white in Adobe Camera Raw.

When we got home from running a few errands, we brought the Nikon D300 upstairs to watch the weather forming over the ocean. As the day went on, we took a shot or two, put the camera down and went back to work.

We thought the white clouds beneath the blue sky was just gorgeous:

Happy Clouds. Same exposure as above.

That was among our first shots and we held out hope the weather was clearing even though we could clearly see the rain over the water. We were counting on that blue to break through.

But then we got the monochrome scowl that opens this piece.

It's silly to attribute human emotions to the images. Except, you know, that's the way Ansel Adams played the game. More or less.

He had to trek all over Yosemite Valley hauling a hefty tripod and hefty view camera with him. We just had to pick up our dSLR and look out the window when we came up for coffee.

Ah, the modern era. Angry sky at your convenience, happy clouds on command. More or less.

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