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8 February 2019

We had no idea when we woke up this morning what we would do for a slide show. We've spent the week quarantined with a cold so there was nothing fresh in the hold. But we have a fond spot for our slide show on Bikes and we thought we might ask Excire to dig up our photos of boats.

It found nearly 500, with just a few forgivable misses. We stepped through them in Lightroom selecting a small percentage of them, then edited those in the Develop module.

There's quite a variety of water craft, we noticed.

Plenty of sailboats, of course, but a lot of fishing boats. The usual assortment of kayaks along with the ferries to Alcatraz and neighboring ports on the bay. A submarine, a tug boat, house boats and a few other odd ducks.

The names are amusing too. We'll let you discover them for yourself, though. No sense ruining a laugh by delivering the punch line first.

Each boat is an expression of someone's personality. And the more the merrier.

Like the bikes, we had a hard time culling the selection. Each boat is an expression of someone's personality. And the more the merrier.

We can tell you from personal experience that it can really pick you up to wander down to the harbor and simply look at the boats, read their names and watch them sway gently in the water.

It's like a party, a really laid back party. You don't have to make small talk but everybody has a name tag so you don't have to worry about forgetting names and there's plenty to drink with maybe even a crab cocktail to sustain you.

Of course, we attended these parties with a variety of cameras, some of which only shot JPEGs.

Our Nikon 990 and D300 took several of them, along with our Olympus E-PL1. But there are also images from a Sony H5/H50/WX5/Mavica, Canon PowerShot TX1, Fujifilm X10 and Samsung EX2F.

So some were more easily edited than others but they all got the Develop module treatment for this show so they'd look their best.

It's funny how the camera doesn't seem to matter. If we had to pick our top five it would have more to do with composition than the more technical qualities of the image. That last image, one of our favorites, was captured by the Mavica. And the first one by our Nikon 990.

Probably the worst image technically is the sailboat in a blue frame. There's almost no detail at all in the Sony H50 shot. But the composition mesmerizes us.

That's what floats our boat, you might say.

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