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18 February 2019

So we have gone from the Year of the Dog to the Year of the Pig. In 2020, the lunar calendar will take us to the Year of the Rat. Nothing quite as well describes what this nation is going through.

Incoming Storm. As the light of day fades into darkness.

On this national holiday dedicated to the chief executive officer of the country, we can't help but remember a time when we actually had men of character in office. Men who might be celebrated.

We now have instead a TV celebrity without the relief of a commercial interruption who is easily lampooned on a weekly basis and still regularly takes the bait.

We are aggravated and angered by his dishonesty, his incompetence, his failure in office to protect this country. But today is a holiday and we'll keep aggravation and anger at bay.

We can't help but remember a time when we actually had men of character in office.

Instead, we'll admit we can't manage to overcome a profound sadness that one third of our fellow citizens still buy into this charade of a presidency.

There is no Kool-Aid we know potent enough to do that.

No, the elixir needs some additives. To the false claims powdering the drink, you have to add unsliced ignorance spiced generously with racism. Stir madly.

It doesn't escape us, living in a border state, that the proponents of a southern wall, which would be an anti-American disgrace (not to mention entirely useless), inhabit interior states. Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, among them.

That is, the people least likely to know are the ones who are most insistent on this foolishness. Talk about national emergencies. It's like all the first responders have been locked out of the building so the kids playing with matches can find the gas leak.

It might seem that, on a day like this, we might take heart that two-thirds of Americans are not dupes, manipulated by a con man from TV who would rather spend his time fudging his golf score than dealing with his imaginary emergencies.

But even that doesn't save us from the danger at hand.

The Dog, the Pig, the Rat. Americans will howl at the moon until we have a president we can be proud of again.

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