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4 March 2019

Mondays are less a return to the harness for us than a launch day. After taking a day off, we find ourselves full of fresh ideas. And that often means working with our hands to see just exactly what we're thinking about.

Today we started wondering about shooting macros on the Micro Four Thirds camera using the Lensbaby Tilt Composer with a 35mm Nikkor attached to the Tilt using a BR-2 reversing ring.

You can see why that takes a hands-on session to work through.

We're not sure we've ever reached this magnification before. There was almost no point in composing the image. We just moved the camera back and forth until we found focus and that was it. No negotiation.

We set the aperture at either f2.8 for light and f8 for depth.

The Setup. Olympus E-PL1, Lensbaby Tilt Transformer, BR-2 reversing ring (note the black dot), 35mm Nikkor.

So we shot a few things around the house, including a set of keys that no longer unlock anything. But it's the locks, not the keys, that have been lost, discarded, de-installed. On a building that has since been remodeled. And now requires a card to unlock the doors.

We made quick work of the DNG file (converted from the Olympus .ORF Raw format) in Adobe Camera Raw. Clarity at 40, open the Shadows, set the White Balance (on the background), warm up the Temperature a tiny bit to make the brass golden, punch the Saturation up a bit, too.

So, no, the keys don't look like this. They're grungy not golden.

But it is hard to hold keys in your hands without believing they can unlock something.

On this Monday they didn't open any locks but they did open up a new way to look at the world. One we'll continue to explore.

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