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11 March 2019

Against our better judgement yesterday, we took a walk. We didn't get too wet but that's only because it hailed instead of rained on us. The little ice balls bounced right off our jacket.

Mount Tamalpais. Sitting unscathed below the storm.

Our view to the north (above) shows Mount Tamalpais sitting under the storm clouds at the beginning of our walk. We mistakenly thought if Mount Tam can get away with it, so could we.

It was deceiving weather. Mostly sunny. Then a dark cloud would pass overhead bringing a cloud burst. We stood under a tree for a while, waiting one out.

But it was worth it. The light was unusual, saturating everything.

We didn't put the camera away when we got home because we expected a good show at sunset. And we weren't disappointed.

Sunset. Stagnant cloud formations after a storm on the ocean.

We watched the rain churn up the ocean without hitting land, obscuring the white caps. We saw dark clouds move in and pass overhead. We observed a little array of puffy white clouds sitting out over the ocean as they waited for sunset.

We'd just charged the battery in the Rebel XTi after setting it to Daylight Saving Time, so that's what we shot with yesterday. We only have the kit lens so most of our shots were within arm's distance. But at 55mm we saw plenty of sky for these two views.

Adobe Camera Raw processed the DNGs we converted from the native CRW Raw files. We avoid shooting JPEGs in general but particularly with the Rebel. If you've never shot Raw with your old Rebel, give it a try. You'll find new life in the old gear.

Perfect for capturing a beautiful day, in short.

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