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15 March 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Blackpool, Mike Warren, the Fujifilm XT-30, simple portrait lighting, Peggy Levison Nolan and Lightroom basics.

  • Stephanie Wade presents Miguel Brusch's Sobering Look Behind the Facade of a Resort Town in Deterioration. The German photographer investigates the English seaside town Blackpool where the majority of residents voted to leave the European Union in 2016. Not a pretty picture.
  • In Golf Balls and Power Drills -- Sliced in Half With a Water Jet, Michael Hardy presents a few images of bifurcated objects by Instructables' Mike Warren, one of which is a PowerShot A10. Warren has published a series of YouTube videos showing the process in action as well as Cut in Half, a 144-page book of the images.
  • The Fujifilm XT-30 reminds Kirk Tuck of the old days when image quality depended more on the lens and film you used than the camera. "The new, under $1,000 [XT-30] camera uses the same sensor, the same color profiles and the same video guts and delivers an image quality that should be identical to the company's more expensive model [XT-3]," he writes.
  • Jasenka Grujin explains how to Improve Your Portraits With Rembrandt Lighting Technique using one light source and a reflector, both placed about 45 degrees from the subject.
  • After an overture to parenting and grandparenting, Jonathan Blaustein looks at Real Pictures: Tales of a Badass Grandma, a photo book by grandparent Peggy Levison Nolan. "The end text shares that Peggy Levison Nolan makes photo albums for each of her children and the pictures are the same ones in this book," he notes. "They may look like art, but to her, (and her family), they are a personal history that we all get to share."
  • In Compare View in Lightroom Classic, Julieanne Kost continues her recent series of posts highlighting some of Lightroom's most basic features. You probably know them but we find it refreshing to see them so neatly presented. Should be a book, we think.

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