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29 March 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Spring, Andre Kertesz, Stefan Rousseau, Laura Zalenga, Zeiss MTFs, the Month of Photography, Greg Noire's free Lightroom presets, ISO and a screaming pope.

  • Twenty-five photos provide evidence that Spring Is on the Way (somewhere). Evidence is lacking here, however. We'll have to content ourselves with 35 Photographs of Light Bulbs instead.
  • David Gonzalez presents Andre Kertesz's Photos From His Window as an exhibit of his work opens today in New York City.
  • Riding the Tube is a photo essay by Stefan Rousseau who just started taking public transportation. "Suddenly I became aware of a new world of phone-obsessed, sleep-deprived, makeup-wielding commuters so absorbed in their own world that I felt I had to photograph them," he writes.
  • In Reflections on the Self, Serena Fox interviews Adobe Creative Resident Laura Zalenga about her project The Beauty of Age as her residency ends. "The best thing about the residency was the mentoring," Zalenga says.
  • Roger Cicala continues his MTF Charts series, this time for Zeiss SLR Lenses. It includes a helpful sidebar on how to read the charts, too.
  • Go nuts at the Month of Photography. There are dozens of gallery listings, each with a selection of images to enjoy.
  • In The Style Spotlight: Greg Noire, Lex van den Berghe profiles the music photographer and provides six of his Lightroom presets for free.
  • In ISO Is Seldom Just a Digital Gain, RawDigger Iliah Borg demonstrates how to check for digital gain.
  • Can't say precisely why but One of Francis Bacon's 'Screaming Popes' seemed to sum up the week in a single image.

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