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29 March 2019

Earlier today in the Horn we bemoaned the lack of spring-like symptoms in the weather. Rain, wind, wintery stuff was still plaguing us.

Then this afternoon as the sun was setting, we concluded a call about plumbing Mom's new refrigerator (itself a source of inspiration this week) and looked out the window.

Sunset was still hours off but the few poppies with the courage to blossom early were calling it a day. We hustled out with a Nikon D300 and a Lensbaby Composer Pro with a 10+ macro converter on it and knelt down as if in prayer.

We wavered back and forth in the breeze on our knees. But the shutter speed at f5.6 and ISO 400 was 1/500 second. Fast enough.

We dashed (well, limped) back into the studio and copied the file to our laptop where it looked washed out. But it was a Raw file so we knew we could work with it.

And we did. In seconds, it came alive in Adobe Camera Raw. And so did spring.

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