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21 April 2019

There is a bit of pagan frivolity stirred into Easter Sunday's tradition of the Easter Bunny. "Frivolity" not "idolatry," we emphasize. The bunnies are milk chocolate, meant to be devoured, not solid gold intended for worship.

Chocolate bunnies show up with marshmallow chicks everywhere today, mostly as entertainment for the kids (who have trouble sustaining religious symbolism all morning).

But they also provide a welcome diversion from the divisiveness that usually brings us together.

To accomplish that more serious mission, the bunnies and chicks appear in various guises today, not all of them edible. But all of them frivolous.

One of our all-time favorites is this bunny swinging on a plastic straw. It arrived one Biltmore brunch before we had returned to our table with a plate piled with sustenance, the party favor of a sister-in-law.

We realize, of course, that plastic straws are environmental crimes theses days. But by keeping this out of the Pacific Ocean for a decade or so, we applaud ourselves as genuine environmental stewards.

The real reason the thing is still around, though, is that it makes us laugh. Especially when someone else drinks from it.

They can't see the bunny swinging under their chin as they sip their mimosa, nodding at someone's praise for the eggs benedict. But everybody else can.

And if the conversation turns serious, the smiling bunny provides just the right amount of comic relief, accompanying any overwrought argument with a few short swings above the bubbles.

It's a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

So whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover, we wish you a swinging bunny today. After all, inside our outer shells of various colors, we're all good eggs.

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