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24 April 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Dave Heath, storytelling awards, Coachella, Schwetzingen Castle, sharper iphone photos, a Q&A, iOS 13, the Canon G10, Rokinon/Samyang lenses, optimizing focus and ON1 Photo Raw 2019.5.

  • Matt McCann profiles Dave Heath: A Master of Photographing Solitude on the occasion of his first major UK exhibition. "Even pictures with many figures show them lost in some kind of deep thought, each entranced by whatever interior activity and in no way seeming aware of sharing a frame with all the other people," McCann writes. A new collection of his work titled Dave Heath: Dialogues with Solitudes has been published by Steidl and Le Bal.
  • Submissions to the LensCulture Visual Storytelling awards come from 166 countries. The Guardian has published a selection of the best of them.
  • Alan Taylor presents 23 Scenes From Coachella 2019 from the past two weekends. Both performers and concertgoers are appear in the shots. But you'll have to supply your own music.
  • Harold Davis snuck into an Enchanted Castle Garden of the Schwetzingen Castle before dawn with a case of beer as a bribe. Two shots made it all worthwhile.
  • Jasenka Grujin offers Seven Tips for Sharper iPhone Photographs. Using a remote release (the included headphones) is a winner.
  • In Random Questions Answered, Thom Hogan tackles some obscure but familiar issues like protective covers, full frame vs. Micro Four Thirds and 16-bit channels.
  • Jon Porter reports iOS 13 Will Let Apps Like Lightroom Access Photos Directly From External Storage. Helpful on the iPad Pro with its USB-C port, at least.
  • After lunch with a friend, Kirk Tuck is in the market for a Canon G10. He had one once and misses it now.
  • Roger Cicala continues his MTF series with Just MTF Charts: Rokinon/Samyang Lenses. This set includes the Rokinon 14mm f2.8 for Sony E, Rokinon 24mm f1.4 ED AS UMC for Canon and Rokinon 50mm f1.4 AF FE for Sony E. The brand is Rokinon by Samyang Optics makes them, he explains.
  • In Optimizing Aperture and Focus Distance, an Example, Jim Kasson uses the blur management optimizer he wrote to tell him how to set focus. But read the first comment for those of us without that kind of help.
  • ON1 has announced ON1 Photo Raw 2019.5 will be released mid-May. You can save 20 percent with the early bird special price of $63.99 (regularly $79.99), which includes the current version with a free upgrade to 2019.5.

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