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1 May 2019

We've just archived Volume 8 Number 4 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 17 Features, 28 commented News stories, 26 Editor's Notes (which included 191 items of interest), 4 reviews and 2 site notes for a total of 77 stories.

Forty of those stories carried 181 images, which (after all) is what the publication is about. And if you combine the news stories with the Horn items, you'll see we provided 219 things to discover about the subject last month. But we presented them so that only about 15 percent of them required special attention.

It isn't, after all, about quantity. It's about telling you what you need to know in an efficient way.

READERSHIP numbers were amusing for two reasons.

This is the first month in a while that we haven't had a report blackout for at least one day. Our ISP must have (we hope) finally gotten its maintenance routines to stop conflicting with its Webalizer runs. Our numbers shot up as a result (which the partial numbers suggested they would).

Readership numbers were amusing for two reasons.

The second reason is that our Google+ feed ended with the demise of the service. So readers who were relying on Google+ to let them know when we'd published something, no longer had that help.

That, you might guess, would diminish our readership. But no, it didn't.

In fact, site visits were the highest they've been in the last 12 months while bandwidth (and pages, files and hits) exceeded the totals for each of the last six months. And that's with a day left to report.

Our top five stories were led (significantly) by our review of Exposure X4.5. That was followed by our Rory Doyle story about the Zeiss Photography Award. Two Panasonic announcements closely followed that with the fifth story mysteriously being our April 11 Horn.

WE KEPT TWEAKING our story counter all month, as we suspected we would when we made it able to scan months other than the current one of Photo Corners stories.

The site organization has been remarkably consistent over its run since 2012 but the first month does have a slightly different directory structure, so we accounted for that.

And we broke out the miscellaneous counts from the category counts. We suspect that was confusing. It confused us, in fact. Now it's clear.

We can't think of any other publication that has any such thing. But we find in invaluable and hope it amuses you, too. It seems to be more popular than we expected.

But we could say that about Photo Corners in general, come to think of it. And we have you to thank for that.

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