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2 May 2019

Adobe has launched its PhotoWalk Sweepstakes, inviting smartphone photographers to follow in the footsteps of local photographers in three U.S. cities and upload their shots for a chance to win a DJI Spark drone.

Adobe PhotoWalk. Three of the San Francisco location selected by Michael Victor.

The three featured cities are San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

To create these self-guided tours, Adobe had five pro photographers walk the streets of their cities while sharing their favorite spots, shots, angles and Lightroom tips.

Here's the process in a nutshell:

  • Take a Self-Guided PhotoWalk. Visit the Start a Walk page to select a self-guided tour Options include Brooklyn with Raheim Simon, Downtown LA with Dan Marker-Moore, Manhattan with Joe Thomas, San Francisco with Michael Victor and Santa Monica with Sinziana Velicescu.
  • Take the Tour. Follow the map to the scenic spots and take your shot.
  • Edit Your Photos. Then edit your photo with the free Lightroom mobile app for Android or iOS.
  • Share Your Story. Optionally share your story with the hashtag #AdobePhotoWalkSweeps as well as the respective location hashtag -- #Manhattan, #Brooklyn, #SanFrancisco, #DowntownLA or #SantaMonicaVenice -- for a chance to win a DJI Spark drone.

We took a peek at Michael Victor's San Francisco walk and enjoyed the mix between familiar sites like Coit Tower and more obscure ones like Ina Coolbrith Park.

San Francisco PhotoWalk Map. It's a trek but there are plenty of places to recuperate along the way.

In an audio clip with accompanying visuals below it, Victor explains how he took the shot in Ina Coolbrith Park, named after California's first poet laureate. The page also includes short videos of some helpful Lightroom edits you might use on your smartphone captures.

Like the other PhotoWalks, the tour has been designed to take about half a day to walk, although there's no obligation to start at the beginning and end at the finish.

Victor, a third-generation San Franciscan who quit his corporate job to pursue a photographic career, enjoys "finding a unique view, capturing the charm or architectural beauty of a neighborhood, or photographing the fog,." He partners with San Francisco-based brands and businesses and is currently working on a San Francisco photography book.

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