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6 May 2019

The faceless Ladies of the Roof by Muriel Castanis adorn each side of Philip Johnson's 580 California St. Castanis was going for the corporate goddess look and totaling 12 in all, they make a quorum for a mythological board of directors meeting.

We imagine them greeting the weary hordes arriving for work this Monday morning with that old ice breaker, "How was your weekend?"

We just happened to look up at them yesterday when nobody was around as we were wandering around the city. The overcast sky dampened any benevolent interpretation.

We shot this with a Nikon D200 (which has the most wonderful shutter sound we have ever heard) and a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor. On the D200, that works out to a 75mm crop factor.

We processed it first in Exposure X4.5 applying a few special effects. But then we duplicated much of that effort in Adobe Camera Raw. That's the one you're looking at here.

If you're stuck in some cubical today, don't worry. Just a few short hours from now you can start singing Goodnight, Ladies and leave them out in the cold for the night.

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