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Adobe Announces Nine New Creative Residents Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

8 May 2019

Adobe has announced nine new Creative Residents who have pledged to use their talents to make a positive impact in both the creative community and around the world. In return the company will provide access to its creative tools and resources plus the opportunity to share what they learn and their creative insights across a larger creative community.

"This year's residents make up our largest and most diverse class yet, with projects in Experience Design, Digital Drawing and Painting, Videography and Photography," Mala Sharma wrote introducing them in a blog post.

The three photographers include:

  • Amelie Satzger from Munichs is working with musicians in and around Germany to visualize their lyrics in the form of surreal artistic scenes.
  • Cyn Lagos from Miami is working to help aspiring artists understand the mindset and practice of visual storytelling.
  • Juan José Egusquiza from New York has begun a series titled Impossible Stories with images from daily life that are manipulated to create a fictional reality.

The rest of the roster includes:

  • Julie Sanduski from Seattle is blending her passions for food, sustainability, and UI/UX to explore how human-centered design solutions can inspire a sustainable food system.
  • Patricia Reiners from Berlin is exploring the city of the future and how new technologies like AI, voice control, and augmented reality will change our interfaces and design decisions.
  • Takuma Nakata from Kyoto is developing interactive and experiential installations. He’s showcasing the possibilities of using Adobe tools, such as XD, Premiere Pro and Rush, and After Effects to develop new experiences.
  • Octavia Bromell from Sherbone, UK, is creating illustrations related to the theme of The Joyful Everyday -- the idea that happiness can be found in the minutiae of daily life.
  • Aiko Fukuda from Tokyo is creating a pop-up book that brings together analog and digital illustrations with augmented reality.
  • Tyler Babin from New York is creating a video series that shares his experiences as an emerging artist alongside the experiences of established artists.

"As always, I am looking forward to being blown away by what our residents create this year," Sharma concluded, "and in particular I am excited about the work some of them are doing for social good to impact our environment and society."

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