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AppleInsider: Adobe Warning Users Off Old CC Versions Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

13 May 2019

In a report today by William Gallagher, Adobe is sending email notices to users of older versions of its Creative Cloud applications warning them that continued use may expose them to "potential claims of infringement by third parties" because they are "no longer licensed to use them."

Gallagher reports that Adobe has added via its Twitter account that it can't comment on third party infringement claims because "it concerns ongoing litigation." Another support response, he reports, cites "a copyright dispute."

Adobe is presently being sued by Dolby for "copyright infringement and breach of contract." Gallagher suggests Adobe is circumventing any infringement claim by ending the license to use affected products.

In a very short blog post titled Changes to Creative Cloud Download Availability, the Creative Cloud communications team announced:

Please note that going forward, Creative Cloud customers will only have direct download access (from the Creative Cloud Desktop app and to the two most recent major versions of Creative Cloud desktop applications.

The only exception to that, the team adds, is Adobe Acrobat, for which only the most recent version will be available.

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