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14 May 2019

On the heels of a macOS security update to Mojave, High Sierra and Sierra, Adobe has released an update to its Lightroom ecosystem with "new features that help you become a better photographer, collaborate and take your editing to the next level."

This release introduces:

  • A new Home view in Lightroom for iOS and Android (coming soon to Mac and Windows) that contains your most recent images
  • Interactive tutorials that are viewable directly within Lightroom
  • Inspirational photos with behind-the-scenes access to how each image was edited

"Inspirational photos provide a more lightweight way to get inspired while still seeing how the photo was made," Josh Haftel explained in a blog post announcing the updates.

"Tapping on a Discover post lets you view the step-by-step edits on the photo. Then, you can tap on the Edits control to open up a wheel that lets you scroll through the edits and see exactly which settings where used."

Photography educators including Matt Kloskowski, Katrin Eismann, Kristina Sherk and Nicole Young have contributed tutorials and photos for today's release and more content will be added regularly.

Also introduced in this release:

  • You can now invite others to view and add photos to your albums through email or a shared link. When someone contributes, you'll have access to their full resolution photo in the format that was added to your album, including Raw files.
  • A new Texture slider designed to help either accentuate or smooth medium-sized details such as skin, bark and hair.
  • Batch editing in Lightroom for Android, Flat-Field Correction in Lightroom Classic and Defringe for Lightroom on Mac and Windows have also been introduced.

For more information see the Adobe blog post announcing the updates and Introducing the Texture Control on the new Texture slider. Julieanne Kost also has published a post on The Texture Slider in Lightroom Classic.

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