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16 July 2019

This image was among the garden shots we took on our sunny day recently. The sun hit the spider's web like a spotlight and we were, like an insect, drawn to it.

Spider Web. Captured at f11, 1/100 second and ISO 1000 before processing with Piccure+ and Adobe Camera Raw.

Composing the shot, though, was a challenge. The web itself was woven across just one corner of the square planter which was placed at an angle on the table. We maneuvered a bit to place the web just off center while cropping out two corners of the planter.

Selective focus helped the composition. As with yesterday's image, we used a Lensbaby Composer Pro with a +4 macro converter. So the web is sharp but the planter edges are not. They are, however, bright enough to contain the web within their own frame.

Color added nothing to the image, we discovered as we edited the TIFF produced by Piccure+ from the DNG conversion of the E-PL1 ORF Raw file. But black-and-white left us flat. So we colorized it, turning it into a sepia image.

It's a disorienting image. But we're somehow attracted to it. Like the spider web itself, it draws us in.

We can't say why.

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