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Topaz Launches Topaz Studio 2 Art Contest Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

30 July 2019

Topaz Labs has launched its Topaz Studio 2 Art Contest with a chance to win a free license to Topaz Studio or a Topaz credit worth $99.99.

A before and after image must be sent by Aug. 5 in one of four categories to be considered. Winners in each category will be announced on Aug. 6.


The short version of the rules follows:

  1. Submit both before and after photos to by Aug. 5 in one of the following categories: People, Landscapes/Cityscapes, Macro/Objects or Wildlife.
  2. You can submit more than one photo in more than one category, however, you can only win in one category.
  3. Photos may have basic adjustments such as cropping, resizing, or minimal retouching done in any photo editor. The bulk edits to the creative and artistic design must be done in Topaz Studio 2.
  4. Each winner will receive a full license to Topaz Studio 2 or an equal Topaz product credit of $99.99. Your photo will also be sent out to over half a million people and posted on Topaz Labs' social media channels.

We reviewed Topaz Studio just last week, awarding it all four photo corners. In addition to the $79.99 introductory price, a free download is also available.

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