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1 August 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Bryan Thomas, Chinguetti, the Warroad Pioneer, colorizing Hubble photos, Philip Pocock, Dana Pacifico, five lenses, Sony Pro Imaging Support and copyright trolls.

  • Bryan Thomas is the Daylight Photo Award winner for Sunrise/Sunset, which documents the Rest in Peace shirt trend. "On each shirt, family members work in tandem with store owners and designers to represent their loved ones in ways that the media -- especially in regard to African American men -- often fail to do," he explains. "Beneath beautified pictures of brothers, sisters, daughters and sons, the words 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset,' alongside the date of a birth and a death, not only memorialize a life cut short, they also give life to a form of protest, worn daily for years to come, of the circumstances that lead to that life's end; an everlasting symbol fighting against America's structural impulse to look away."
  • In photos from various sources, The Lost Desert Libraries of Chinguetti reveals a world of ancient books "written on gazelle skin and protected by goatskin." Even as UNESCO designates Chinguetti a World Heritage Site, climate change is threatening them.
  • Dying Gasp of One Local Newspaper with photos and video by Tim Gruber tells the sad story of the final edition of weekly Warroad Pioneer.
  • In How Scientists Colorize Photos of Space, Vox explains how Hubble's monochrome images are colorized:
  • Philip Pocock remembers his best photograph: Miriam the Berlin Punk -- and Her Rat Bestia. It wasn't easy making friends. "I would carry a bunch of bananas to snack on while I wandered the streets," he recalls. "When I found the punks, I didn't know what to say, so I offered them bananas. They just laughed at me. But they must have liked it, because they welcomed me into their crew."
  • In Music Festival Photography, Terri Stone showcases a few of Dana Pacifico's captures.
  • Greg Scoblete continues his PhotoPlus 2019 previews with Five Must-See Lenses for Canon Cameras. Which could be an ominous trend if he's working on five lenses for everybody else too. Except only one of these lenses is a Canon. The others can be had in various other mounts.
  • Lloyd Chamber gives Kudos to Sony Pro Imaging Support for same-day turnaround on his Sony A7R III.
  • Greenberg & Reznicki explain How Copyright Trolls Lighten Your Wallet by devaluing the worth of an image. "The federal courts/judges nationwide are so sick of handling a sudden deluge of thousands, mostly bogus cases -- or at least cases that should have been resolved without the need to file the case in court -- that they are not only penalizing the guilty but they are downgrading the monetary value of legitimate copyright infringement cases brought by erstwhile, competent lawyers on behalf of creatives."

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