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15 August 2019

We were admittedly a little distracted as we walked through the UCSF campus yesterday after our annual physical. We'd checked out fine in person with every expectation that our blood tests would confirm we'd found the fountain of youth. And we were happily reliving the details of the experience in our mind.

Attention. Captured with the Olympus 12-100mm f4 Pro on the Olympus E-PL1 at f8, 1/200 second and ISO 200 through a circular polarizer at a focal length of 24mm (48mm). The Raw file wa rendered in Adobe Camera Raw.

So when we passed this little seating area, we made a mental note that there was a storage box in the middle of it and continued our medical visit replay. Then we grabbed ourselves by the arm and said, "What's a storage box doing there?"

We'd recognized it but we hadn't processed it. Step One of street shooting may be recognition -- but it isn't enough.

You have to be paying attention.

In this case, the storage box was a metal ottoman for the concrete bench next to it. There was nothing in it and it can't be moved. You put your feet up on it. Ha ha.

We turned around and took the shot, lining it up as an ottoman instead of discarded medical records. It made a nice picture to start our series with.

And we thought it would make a nice parable for street photography, too.

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