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16 August 2019

Whenever we worry we're foisting images of Twin Peaks on you, we remember how Ansel Adams foisted images of Yosemite on people. We do realize even if we never tire of taking a camera up the hill, you may be weary of watching us.

But the views up there never seem to be quite the same as they were. And in one case, we can prove it.

That would be our sun-bleached stump, which we used to use as a sample image when we reviewed digicams years ago when digicams were reviewed. The stump is still there but it has become more sculptural than natural, you might say. But it still rewards a snap of the shutter.

The living flora are pretty entertaining too, including the pink lilies that blossom in summer. Even the weeds seem to have interesting flowers now.

The views of the city itself are always spectacular. But the discerning eye will notice changes over the years. Even the less discerning eye won't fail to miss the Salesforce Tower.

And despite the heat wave, the fog does make an appearance in this series as it blankets the Golden Gate.

With the Olympus 12-100mm f4 Pro we shot these with, the temptation is to zoom in to 100mm (200mm) to see more than the eye can. And we did. But we also were amused to find a distinctly non-urban frame for all that glass and concrete, too. It puts it all in perspective.

We shot with a circular polarizer and we processed with a bit of Dehaze. Most of these were surprisingly underexposed. We can blame the polarizer and the Olympus E-PL1 for that. But shooting Raw it wasn't a problem to correct.

In the end, it is more about the light than the hill. We are drawn to it light a moth.

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