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19 August 2019

Kevin Raber, late of Luminous Landscape, has launched PhotoPXL, a new site dedicated to the subject of photography. The site debuted earlier this summer

"This site will be about the community of photography," he writes, "a place where young and old alike can share their stories, learn about the art and craft of photography and gain an understanding of what it takes to Enhance Your Vision."

In About PhotoPXL, he cites several friends and business partners helping him make this dream come true, including Debra Fadely-Raber, Chris Sanderson and Michael Durr.

In addition to articles, reviews, opinions and YouTube channel, Raber promises another feature:

One of the most exciting features of the new site will be building a community using photographer profile pages. This will be a place where you can share your images with other readers and see what others are doing with their photos. There will also be a forum where you can ask questions and share your knowledge, further developing the sense of community.

We've always found Raber's enthusiasm for photography contagious and missed his voice when Luminous Landscape changed direction. Join us in welcoming him back to the fray. And wishing him good luck with PhotoPXL.

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