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20 August 2019

We had to chuckle as we passed this little street scene. The abandoned TV was not yet ready to leave the stage. The parking sign leaned in out of curiosity. The manhole cover rolled over to see what the fuss was about.

Now Showing. Captured at f4, 1/320 second and ISO 200 with an Olympus E-PL1 and Olympus 12-100mm f4 Pro at f23. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

In a world of inanimate objects, something was shaking. And, if you don't count the lightshow of scene changes every few seconds, it wasn't much less static than your average living room in the evening.

TVs have been on our mind lately. Our 10-year-old LCD just refuses to turn off all of a sudden. Another old shoe that won't drop. We looked around for a replacement but ours is a small model in which human heads rarely appear larger than life-size (a particular criteria we take comfort in).

And these days all you can get are wall-sized models which exaggerate the size of the brains of the people displayed on the screen.

TVs have been on our mind lately.

So we went for the five dollar solution, splicing a lamp cord switch into the power line. Those little switches handle 3.0 amps and our model maxed out at 1.5 amps so it's safe.

Sometimes the thing does stay off. But if we want to make sure, we just click the switch. It does baffle us why the power switch itself doesn't do as much. Why it would be soldered in downstream, we can't imagine.

But our job is taking pictures, so we didn't think about it too much.

Instead, we have a confession to make about this 12-100mm zoom Olympus has loaned us.

We thought at first it would be too big to carry around like the small 14-42mm kit lens we took everywhere. There is, after all, no comparison between the size of the two of them.

But we would never have gotten this shot if we hadn't found a comfortable way to take the lens along with us when we go out for a walk.

Instead of the shoulder strap we used to use with the 14-42mm zoom, we drop the 12-100mm on the E-PL1 into a holster bag we drape over our shoulder. When we start shooting, we use a Peak Design wrist strap to secure the gear and carry the lens rather than the camera in our hand.

It's about the same dimensions as a small beverage can so we never get thirsty.

That's worked our very well. It's no trouble to bring the camera along and no trouble to shoot. In fact, hiding the old 14-42mm under our coat was a little more awkward that hanging a holster at our side.

OK, we've stood on the sidewalk long enough taking photography. Time to get a move on.

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