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29 August 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Margaret Bourke-White, Nicholas White, Lam Yik Fei, the open road, the Phase One IQ4 interface, Adobe's rising stars, Thomas Kellner, smart resizing, a pre-acquisition impressions review and Google.

  • Alan Taylor celebrates The Photography of Margaret Bourke-White. "Bourke-White held numerous 'firsts' in her professional life -- she was the first foreign photographer allowed to take pictures of Soviet industry, she was the first female staff photographer for Life magazine and made its first cover photo and she was the first woman allowed to work in combat zones in World War II," he writes.
  • Rosie Flanagan showcases English photographer Nicholas White'sFight to Protect One of Europe's Largest Contiguous Forests with desaturated images that evoke an earlier era.
  • City on Edge: Photographs From Hong Kong's Summer of Protest features photos by Lam Yik Fei of over 80 days of protests across the city.
  • Pinned to the Open Road tells the story of a vacation by car from Portland to San Francisco (yep, you got the San Francisco names right, Mimi) peppered with Google Pixel 2 photos.
  • Phase One's Lau Norgaard and PhotoPXL's Kevin Raber discuss the touchscreen user interface of the Phase One IQ4 in this 20-minute video with excellent screen captures of the industry-leading interface in action:
  • Lex van den Berghe introduces the 2019 Adobe Rising Stars of Photography. They are Adriane de Souza of Qatar, Filippo Masoni of Italy, Alexandra Howland of Iraq, Ariel Fields of Israel, Guen Fiore of the U.K., Aaron Kajumba of Uganda, Yaphet Teklu of the U.S., Kelly Stefanski of the U.S., Bryan Brown of the U.S. and Kamile Kave of the Netherlands.
  • Analog Forever has published Interview: Thomas Kellner -- Reinterpreting Reality. The German fine art photographer discusses his "photographic works that deconstruct and reinterpret architectural masterpieces, rebuilding them, frame by frame, into animated and often whimsical works of art" in which the pixels are complete 35mm image frames.
  • Jim Kasson has been exploring Megapixels, Smart Resizing and Printing, resizing full frame and APS-C images to the size of GFX 100 images. He's used ON1 Resize and Topaz Gigapixel AI to do the resizing, preferring the Topaz software.
  • In Pre-Acquisition Impressions Review, Kirk Tuck has a little fun with "first impressions" reviews (hmm, "reviews" should be in quotes, too). Not to mention the "hands-on" reviews that follow. He "pre-acquisition" reviews a 100mm macro lens he just ordered, speculating on what he'll like and not like about it. (Our approach to camera reviews, which nearly robbed us of words when we had to do them years ago, is to avoid them ourselves while linking to meaningful experiences (not, that is, lab testing) elsewhere and reporting the specs on new product introductions so you can see for yourself what's new and improved.)
  • In Luminar Invents Google+ 2013, John Nack points out Luminar's Ai Structure tease isn't a first. "The Auto Enhance feature built into Google+ Photos circa 2013 used to do this kind of thing (treating skin one way, skies another, etc.) to half a billion photos per day," he writes.

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