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9 September 2019

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Royal Photo Society winners, Faroe Islands, Washington Post travel photo winners, sensor resolution, print resolution, fill, a walk, Mike Johnston, RAW, aperture priority, carnets, Backblaze and one deal.

  • In Royal Photographic Society Announces Its 2019 Award Winners, Marigold Warner showcases the winners by Sophie Calle, Laia Abril, Collier Schorr and awards to Claire Strand and Simon Bainbridge.
  • Scott Kelby takes you with him to The Faroe Islands in a gorgeous piece on these North Atlantic formations. "It was like Iceland ... but without all the tourists," he writes.
  • The 20th annual Washington Post Travel Photo Contest includes photos by iPhones and a drone among its 13 winning images.
  • In The 'More Is Better' Problem, Thom Hogan revisits his contention that 24-Mp sensors hit a resolution wall. "Basically, when engineers hit a ceiling, they start getting creative," he writes.
  • Jim Kasson tests Epson P800 High-Contrast Resolution to see if the printer can resolve 720 ppi images. Nope.
  • In Dedicated Camera vs. iPhone -- Fill Flash, Derrick Story explains why he shoots fill with a camera not smartphone. And there's a story to go along with the lesson.
  • In Extending Boundaries, Kirk Tuck took a hike with an Olympus Pen FT 70mm f2.0 lens on an adapter to mate to his Fujifilm X-H1. The walk was the point, he writes, with "the camera is just along for the ride."
  • In Use It Up!, Mike Johnston considers two opposing approaches to one's possessions: preserve it in pristine condition or use it up.
  • Andrew Molitar suggests everyone Shoot RAW! But he means RAW, not Raw: Representation, Aesthetics and Witnessing.
  • Karlo de Leon explains Why Aperture Priority Is the Most Preferred Shooting Mode, comparing it to your other options.
  • Making Carnets Easy Videos is a set of videos explaining the process of traveling between countries with gear valued over $2,500.
  • Backblaze has published its Hard Drive Stats Q2 2019.
  • BorrowLenses is offering a 10-20 percent discount on rentals when you use the code SAVEFORSEPT through Sept. 22 on orders for delivery by Sept. 30.

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