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X-Rite Adds i1Display Studio, Pro Plus Calibration Systems Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

12 September 2019

X-Rite has unveiled its i1Display Studio and i1Display Pro Plus calibration systems to calibrate and profile monitors, including "super-bright, HD and HDR" screens. The new products provide a lower-cost option and a higher-end version of the existing i1Display Pro.

i1Display Line-up. Studio, Pro, Pro Plus colorimeters.

Each system includes X-Rites's i1 colorimeter to feed data to the software.

Highlights from X-Rite for each of the new products plus the existing Pro follow.

i1Display Studio

Advanced display calibration for enthusiast and professional photographers looking for a convenient, easy and affordable solution

"For creative perfectionists who desire professional quality coupled with an easy, wizard-driven interface, the i1Display Studio from X-Rite offers everything you need to get to a brilliantly-calibrated monitor, laptop, mobile device or projector. When all the devices in your workflow are profiled, you can focus on being more creative rather than wondering why the color in your images doesn't match your final output." $179

i1Display Pro

Professional display calibration for the most demanding color perfectionists

"The X-Rite i1Display Pro is the ultimate choice for discerning photographers, filmmakers, designers and imaging professionals looking for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy for displays, laptops, mobile devices and projectors. Two user modes (Basic and Advanced) provide serious Color Perfectionists with the perfect combination of unrivaled color precision, speed, options and controls to fit any workflow. Now supports ColorTRUE Mobile Calibration." $258.99_

i1Display Pro Plus

Ultimate display calibration for the most demanding filmmakers and photographers looking for advanced options and maximum control for super-bright HD and HDR monitors.

"The i1Display Pro Plus incorporates new technology to meet the needs of filmmakers, editors, colorists and photographers working with today and tomorrow’s constantly evolving super bright, HD and HDR monitors. The i1Display Pro Plus colorimeter is unsurpassed measuring up to 2000 nits for the highest level of on-screen color accuracy for edit and reference monitors, laptops, mobile devices and projectors." $299

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