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9 October 2019

We took a break this morning after putting up the news and working on what will be a seven-part series on color management. The sun was warm on the patio so we kicked off our shoes and caught a few rays.

Beaters. Canon Rebel XTi with 18-55mm kit lens at 47mm with f5.6, 1/500 second and ISO 400.

Then we looked down at our shoes and realized they were hardly shoes any more. Beaters maybe but not shoes.

We remember trying to buy glue in a Cologne supermarket to reattach the leather lining that had come detached as we slipped hauling some heavy equipment at photokina in 2006. Talk about Herculean tasks.

The natural thing would be to buy a new pair. But we took a photo.

A staged photo. We carefully positioned one on top of the other in a casual embrace, showing the wear on the soles.

We had the XTi with us because we've been testing Lensbaby's Omni filter system, so we took a filter-free shot. The Raw file was converted to a DNG and processed in Adobe Camera Raw, cropped a bit to the composition above.

We used Texture to bring out the personality of the leather and manipulated the tones to show more detail in both the highlights and shadows. And we added a vignette to focus your attention on the Sebagos instead of the bricks.

We liked the red bricks and brown shoes too much to convert to black-and-white (we did try it, though).

And then we realized our break was up. It was time for lunch!

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