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17 October 2019

We returned home last night exhausted. We'd taken the 19-year-old Honda in for its 90K service, which took four hours during which we clocked in our 10,000 steps. Which may not be a two-minute marathon but it sure felt like it. Unaided.

Short Sunset. Olympus E-PL1 with Olympus M.Zuiko f14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R at 42mm and f9, 1/40 second and ISO 640.

They weren't able to finish the job in one afternoon, so we're going back today. But we don't plan to put our 10,000 steps in again. The problem is that the area is zoned for cemeteries. Which, as the evidence plainly shows, can get a guy down.

We're not sure how we'll pass the remainder of the time. Not watching the TV in the waiting room. Not walking through the cemeteries (although the pet cemetery was amusing until it got creepy). Not haggling with the service manager.

We do have a long novel on our phone which we tried reading there today. But it's too distracting listening to disappointed owners invoke the lemon law or try to get straight what a service manager is explaining.

There is a chance you're laughing.

Maybe we'll take a dozen test drives.

There is a chance you're laughing. You may recognize this as Real Life. Not to be confused with the TV series.

When we returned home exhausted, we fell on the couch looking for Thursday Night Football. We forgot it was Wednesday. Then we looked out the window and saw what you see above.

We knew it wouldn't last.

We grabbed the camera and took a few shots before it faded into black. It was the shortest-lived beautiful sunset we've seen here. Only a few minutes later we were perturbed by a mouse running along the baseboards into the closet.

Real life.

But as many times as we've shown you our sunsets, this is a first. It's the first one we've taken with the Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II R which replaced our defunct original 14-42mm kit lens.

The 28-84mm equivalent lens extends more smoothly than the original and seems a bit brighter. Our dogs were shot with it, too.

And, with any luck, it will nail that mouse before long.

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