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25 October 2019

Over the years we've had occasion to refer to the bunker as the place where Photo Corners gets made. And, frankly, where we spend most of our life.

We've been here since 2003 now and it shows. There is a story everywhere you look. Leaning against another story. On top of three others.

We aren't going to tell you the stories. We promise.

But the news yesterday afternoon was of yet another fire raging through northern California near Geyserville. Again, we found ourselves thinking of neighbors who have lost everything.

And it occurred to us that one way to preserve things, even from a fire, is to have photos of them. Not insurance photos or eBay photos. Just photos of things the way they appear to you every day, the way you see them.

There is a story everywhere you look.

Because we do forget.

Do you remember how your childhood bedroom was decorated? The posters on the wall when you were in high school? Your dorm room? Your first apartment?

So as an exercise in fire loss prevention, we took the old iPhone 6 Plus through the bunker last night with a few lights on. We used the iPhone because it doesn't much care if there's any light or not. And the wide angle lens let us see more at once and get closer than we might otherwise get.

Then we uploaded the images to Google just by launching the app. And we downloaded them to our working computer once they were safely up there. You need an off-site backup to survive a fire and you can't beat unlimited free JPEG storage. Google Photos answers both bells.

We expected to convert everything to black-and-white but we work in color and it shows. So we left the images in color, optimizing exposure in Lightroom.

It only took a few minutes to shoot. And we didn't cover every nook and cranny. But we uploaded a treasure chest full of memories we can enjoy when, one day not long from now, we're nodding off at the assisted care facility on Mars.

Watch out, though. If we grab your shirt sleeve up there, you'll have to listen to our stories.

They've all been preserved.

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