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1 November 2019

We did throw on a coat and wander the streets like Ichabod Crane last night at the height of trick-or-treating. It was just as we remembered it. Polite little kids accompanied by costumed parents, roving gangs of respectful adolescents wearing sweatshirts as costumes and a big Halloween Stroll in the village itself where every business handed out candy.

The prize, if one were to give one, for best costume would have gone to the little girl who dressed up as a refrigerator. She had her freezer door on top open so she could see where she was going but stairs for the full-length costume were an issue. As they are for real refrigerators.

It was too dark for our cameras to take decent photos. Although we were tempted when we saw an aging witch sitting on a bench in front of a frozen yogurt store. She was looking at her phone whose cold light cast a scary glow up into her face as if she were minding a boiling pot.

Instead of shooting at night, we wandered the neighborhood in the bright light of the autumn afternoon, snapping a few shots of decorations that would be hard to see at night.

Today is celebrated as All Souls Day by certain sects so we thought it might make a suitable slide show.

We were tempted to attempt a day-for-night effect but we knew you wouldn't be fooled. So we stuck to full color in sunlight and spent our editing time mainly on the crops.

No trick. Just a treat.

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