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5 November 2019

In this era of renewed voter suppression, one of the most radical things you can do is walk over to the polling place and cast your ballot. Not many places are holding an election today but San Francisco is, so we hiked up the hill, filled out our circles and scanned our paper ballot.

It was a short ballot for once. Just six local issues but there was the mayor and district attorney to decide. We did our research and when we were comfortable with our choices, made them.

It's the one thing "they" don't want you to do. Vote.

They will gerrymander you into irrelevance, make you travel beyond your beyond to get documents to prove you are who you are, erase you from the rolls with the slightest excuse and otherwise discourage your participation.

That all starts online, of course, and over the air where stories with no basis in fact are as easily circulated as well-researched journalism. You are conned on a daily basis, which makes today's announcement by Adobe, the New York Times and Twitter important enough to be reported even here.

"Discerning trusted news on the Internet is one of the biggest challenges news consumers face today," said the New York Times' Marc Lavallee.

It's the first step in protecting your right to vote. And today, we're pleased to report, we just took the last one. Into the polling place.

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